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Political Poll Upside Rankings

Potential upside

1) Sarah Palin: Won’t Go Below 39% in polls. If she is there with negative media hounding, she won’t go lower when she starts a campaign and runs inspirational and agreeable ads. Issue Pluses: Polling generally favors her stances on Social and and Economic issues, Immigration, and the repeal of Healthcare.

Potential Neutral

1) Barak Obama: With first two years behind him, Obama has found Religion and supposed “moderation.” Both will help his sound-bite friendly image. But he is still going against public opinion on Immigration, Health Care, and Massive Public Debt.

2) Tim Pawlenty: No one really knows who he is. No one seems to care at this point.

3) Mike Huckabee: Shares much of the same base as Sarah Palin. His polling is stable and even to Obama, and there isn’t much that could lift him higher or drop him lower from his current competitive stance. One issue is immigration, and John McCain proved that not being hardline on the issue can hurt.

Potential Negative

1) Mitt Romney: Romney’s biggest problem is that most people know who he is, but nobody is attacking him. He has a lot of skeletons in his closet (Healthcare, being from Mass) that

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