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PPP – Prolific, but Useless

PPP has the greatest number of polling data available. Unfortunately, their releases are pretty much useless. PPP does not weight polls and they do not take out unlikely and non-voters, and there is a good percentage of respondents who don’t even remember who they voted for. However, their data can be useful when looking at the crosstabs (and while the numbers could be re-run to accurately reflect expected voting demographics, it is way to early in the P2012 season for that)

PPP Issues: In a recent poll for New Mexico, PPP had an incredible 56% Democrat voter response (according to exit polls, in 2006 D turnout was 41% and in D heavy 2008 it was still only 44%.) In their most recent Colorado survey, Dems made up 44% of the poll, despite being only 30% of 2008 voters. Thus, it is not surprisingly that Obama holds huge leads against any and all Republican challengers. The Dems are overweighted in the polling data by 14% and 12% Respectively, in states Obama won handily to begin with.

Independents had +28% Favorability of Obama in it’s recent NM Poll, despite independents only giving him a +14% advantage in 2008. This would make Independents the only group that not only likes Obama more now than in 2008, but by 200%. Probably too small a sample of Independents here.

So, while we will use some data from PPP, their overall Soundbites and Data are irrelevant and not scientifically interpreted.

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