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Palin #1 Choice for Women, Romney #1 for Men

The latest CNN Poll Release had an interesting bit of information:

+ Palin is the #1 choice in the Republican Primary among women, getting 26% of their support. Her overall net favorability among Republican women is +43. Generally, Men poll as more supportive and women as more skeptical of the former Alaska Governor.

+ Men see Sarah Palin slightly more favorable than women do (+46), yet are 60% less likely than women to pull the trigger for her, as she places third among men with just 12% behind Romney (20%) and Huckabee (18%). This poll showed by 2-1 that Republican voters are more likely to vote for a candidate they think can win over one they agree with, and it shows here.

+ When combining voters’ top two choices, the results are:

Palin 38% (19% 1st choice, 19% 2nd choice)

Romney 36% (18% 1st choice, 18% 2nd choice)

Huckabee 35% (21% 1st choice, 14% 2nd choice)

Gingrich 18% (10% 1st choice, 8% 2nd choice)


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