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Super Poll Round-up

New Jersey – I guess Christie is changing hearts and minds in New Jersey. By 56-38, NJ’ers support the layoff of state workers, by 64-26 they support cutting services over raising taxes, and by 3-1 and 2-1 margins they support freezing salaries and reducing pensions of new hires. And SEIU wept. Quinnipiac Details

Florida Senators – Senators Bill Nelson (D) (45-21) and Marco Rubio (R) (42-20) both have solid approval ratings, despite holding completely different positions on everything. But hey, this is Florida, after all. Quinnipiac

Florida 2012 – Obama trails Generic Republican 42-40 in this important state, while Nelson leads Generic Republican 41-36. Generic Candidate polls should be taken with a grain of nothing, because voters are undoubtedly thinking of their favorite candidate as a Republican. One important figure is that voters support Repeal of Obamacare in Florida by 50%-43%, meaning not even Andy Griffith has changed hearts and minds in the Great Ensure state (it’s okay, I’m from Florida). Results here

California 2012 – In the “Like-it-matters” category, Republicans would choose Carly Fiorina to go up against Dianne Feinstein. You can look here if you want, but let’s be honest: California is lost for Republicans. At least conservatives anyway. And yes, I know Ronald Reagan won there, but this is a state made for liberals. Fiorina ran a pretty good campaign, raised some decent cash, looked good in the debates, and was up against an unpopular Democrat. But even unpopular Democrats know how to vote for welfare. My money says Fiorina and Whitman don’t waste their time, and Campbell does.

NM Governor – Rising Republican star Susana Martinez is off to a solid start in voters’ opinions. By 53%-29% New Mexicans think she is doing a bang up job. Outgoing Governor Bill Richardson is not so popular, 21 points in the hole at 34-55%. Key for Matinez is that even Liberals are split on her (39-41), and Hispanics favor her by 49-34%.

Coffee – The most important poll of the day asks: Starbucks or Dunkin. Rasmussen comes through for us with answers. Full Disclosure: I am pro-Dunkin myself. 57% of registered voters have a favorable opinion of Dunkin, while Starbucks come through for 49% of registered voters. No information was immediately available as to whether this poll was properly weighted.

Washington Racism – I’m pretty sure that Washington is pretty liberal, but apparently that doesn’t stop them from being racists/nativists. By 84-14, Washingtonianites say you should prove your a legal citizen before getting a driver’s license, including liberals by a 66-29 margin. Meanwhile a clear majority (55-37) also support eliminating state health care benefits, including liberals 48-45. No questions were asked about voting rights…

Have a good weekend!

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