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Monday Polls: Latinos, NH 2012



Newsflash: Hispanics love Obama/Democrats and not the Republicans. Not sure we really needed a ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions poll to tell us, but there are some interesting tidbits.

As an Hispanic, I’ve never been fond of race-based polls, but it is a fact that, unfortunately, we live in a society that still obsesses over race. It’s not shocking that this poll overwhelmingly favors Democrats. After all, Democrats are the party of pandering/single issue voters. I don’t mean that negatively, it’s just a political reality. The irony is, the Democratic base is made up of wholly segregated groups that have very little in common, and often disagree on many issues. For instance, I always admire a poll where voters say, by 2-1 and 3-1 margins, that Obama is doing a poor job on the economy, creating jobs, and health care, yet still manage to give him break-even job approval ratings. While Gay Activist groups like to blame “Evangelicals” and “Mormons” for voting down Gay Marriage laws in states like California, let’s be honest, California elects people like Boxer, Feinsteinn, Jerry Brown, and there aren’t enough E’s and M’s too do much damage (or, rather, help). Oh, and perhaps the Democrats biggest pander group, blacks, seems firmly set against gay marriage. Whoops.  Well, this poll is a perfect example of all of this.

1) Out of some 15 possible responses, when asked what the most important issue Obama/Congress should address, Immigration/DREAM Act received about 1/2 votes. This was followed distantly by “Create More Jobs” (21%) and “Improve Education” (20%), which could very well tie into the DREAM Act.

2) Latinos don’t really care about other Democratic voting priorities: Global Warming/Environment came in at an impressive 0%, Race Relations at 2%, Raise Taxes at 0%, Housing Crisis at 2%, and Afghan/Iraq wars at 0%.

3) By 61-21% Latinos plan to vote for Obama over “Generic Republican.”

4) Latinos Like Sarah Palin more than the Republican Party: Sure, the headlines run by the media/Politico went more like : “Hispanics hate Sarah Palin” but in reality, and compared to Republicans, she isn’t doing half bad. 23% View the former Alaska governor at least somewhat favorable while 53% view her at least somewhat unfavorably. And that’s much better than what Latinos think of the GOP (18% GOP Doing Good, 66% GOP Anti-Latino/Don’t really care about Latinos).


NH 2012

Well, put New Hampshire in the Romney Column… for Now. A Granite State poll shows Romney with a big 40% among likely Republican voters to win the GOP nomination. The rest of the field scores under 10%. But only 7% have made up their mind so far.

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