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PPP: Birther Absurdity and Tying it to Palin

Public Policy Polling has a doozy of a commentary today on their latest National Poll for Republican Primary 2012. Of course they knew they would get some hits when the led with the title “51% [of Republicans] are birthers and they love Palin.”

First, statistical sample of the poll is useless to begin with. 400 person surveys are okay for state and local races, but for national polls you might as well throw them out the window. When you factor in that 20-30% of the respondents in this poll didn’t even have an opinion most of the time, you are using a sampling of less than 300 people.

Second, the birther questions is just funny. Who wouldn’t say NO when asked if BHO was born in the US? I’m sure that plenty of those polled said No to the question just for kicks, shortly after giggling at the absurd question, I know I would. It’s kind of like the “Is Obama the anti-Christ” poll question. Really? Just because you are dumb enough to ask, I will give you a dumb answer. The questions was obviously bait to Tea Party and Palin-supporting conservatives in attempt to further smear both groups. But hey, ask stupid questions

Third, the MEDIA seems to be the biggest driver of birther stories. Geez, get over it already.

Fourth, as late as 2007, 35% of Democrats polled by Rasmussen believed then-President Bush had knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. Previously, the number had been much, much higher, yet the media had no interest in chasing the nuts in the Democratic Party. At one time well over 50% Of Democrats thought that Bush had some bizarre controlled demolition, or knew we were going to get attacked and sinisterly waited for it to happen.

UPDATE: Birther or not, at least there is reason to believe that Obama wasn’t born in the US:

1) He doesn’t act like he is an American

2) All of His early schooling was done in Indonesia

3) His father was from Kenya and almost all of his family, multiple step-brothers, sisters, and mothers all live oversees (save for the illegal alien aunt)

4) He’s more comfortable giving speeches oversees than he is to a group of middle-schoolers

5) He bows to foreign leaders. Oh wait, I mean he bends over in a 90 degree angle to shake their hands because he is so tall.

6) The miraculous hiding of his original Birth Certificate. It’s just bizarre. Where’s Geraldo and the Vault when you need him?

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  1. Larry Craig
    February 16, 2011 at 12:35 am

    Simply put, you know how damaging this is for the GOP and any hope to defeat Obama in 2012. Play it off all you like. This is the GOP and the delusional, paranoid, right wing of today. I can’t wait to see the right wing fringe go completely hysterical when their delusional world comes crashing down on them after Obama wins handily in the next election. At that point it won’t just be crazy talk, it will most like likely turn into crazy actions. It’s going to be fun to watch the continued implosion of the right.

  2. Garym
    February 16, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Larry Craig, gee thats original, were you around for the election in ’10? Obama even admits he took a butt whoopin’.

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