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Palin/Huckabee and RAS Polls

Palin/Huckabee 2012: As I’ve predicted many times I don’t think Huckabee will run for President in 2012 if Sarah Palin runs, and she will run. The Washington Post has an interesting bit about this as well. I think huckabee thoroughly enjoys his TV and radio gigs (and is poised for even a more full time role in either), and knows he couldn’t draw the enthusiasm/money that Sarah Palin will among the same core supporters.

But I think a deeper point to make is this: Huckabee knows that much of his support comes from people who would rather have Sarah Palin as President but who currently think Huckabee is more electable. People forget (thanks MSM) how credible, convincing, likable, and, persuasive Palin can be and much of that support could quickly and easily sway back Palin’s way. With roughly the same amount of support among Republicans between the two candidates, Palin has a much better shot at winning Huckabee’s current share than Huckabee does of winning Palin’s.

Two videos that might prevent a lot of folks from jumping into the Republican Primary (and why Camp Obama is lying when they hint they want to go against Sarah Palin)

1) Palin’s 2008 RNC VP Acceptance Speech (Start at Minute 14 for the Action)

2) Last week’s Speech at the Long Island Association

Rasmussen has a lot of Fun Stuff this early week.

WI unions: 48% of voters nationwide back Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker versus 38% who back the nanny-staters/Obama in the dispute. What Christie started in new Jersey, Walker seems intent on finishing, and the rise of Republican Governance is stronger than ever. At long last, adults are in charge. Perhaps the biggest boost to Governor’s like Walker and Christie came from Barack Obama, whose own free-spending policies and “stimulus is working as planned” declarations have been laughably brushed off as voters.

Obama 55% Dissaprove, 44% Approve: Meanwhile, Obama is slipping again in the Rasmussen polls. This was predictable as Obama received a bit of a respite in January from controversy and attempted to spin both the Egyptian revolts and the Tucson shooting in his direction. But now, the Muslim world is a wreck just a week after the administration bent itself backwards claiming victory for starting the events in Egypt. And after bitterly sticking his ears in the wrong side of the Wisconsin fight, voters are reminded of his overeager partisanship.

Health Care Repeal: And by 56-40% voters still support repeal of the Health Care law, or as Obama calls it “evenly divided.” Plus, we have to remember the true spin: Many of the voters want it repealed because it doesn’t go far enough. Okay?

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  1. RebinTexas
    February 23, 2011 at 3:24 am

    Interesting analysis, as always. Many of us are in Gov Palin’s camp because she is much more the true conservative candidate we have sought since Reagan. Gov Huckabee is much too squishy on illegal immigration issues, states’ rights, and more. He could best help himself by helping her.

    I do not see another candidate that I believe can stand up to our crazy liberal media and speak to and for the American people as is needed to take our country in the direction so needed.

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