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Daily Beast Poll = Bizzare Results

The great thing about polling is that rarely does 1+1=2. The Daily Beast/Newsweek Poll (Liberal) is actually a perfect example of the bizarre calculations of voters. I couldn’t find any Crosstabs information for the Poll (I guess people are more impressed with a Slideshow instead of info) so unfortunately I can’t re-analyze the results. Given the Obama approval (50-44), I’d gauge that the polling sample is somewhat more biased towards Democrats, as are most non-weighted polls.

As I’ve already stated, Obama is +6 in this poll. But voters are displeased with his handling of their #1 concerns: Balancing the Budget -9 (38-47), Cutting Spending -8 (41-49), and Reducing the Deficit -4 (42-46). And he stands at -19 in the Health Care Bill support (37%-56%). So, the paradox: How do you disapprove of his handling of everything but still give a +6 approval rating?

Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans score a decent 44% Disapprove, 42% Approve. while Democrats pushing the Obama agenda are a lackluster 54% Disapprove and 39% Approve. So, Democrats score a -15% for pushing the Obama (+6) agenda.

Americans have a pretty good opinion of Cryer-in-Chief John Boehner where he stands at +17 (40-23) in the DB poll and is validated by a similar +12 approval (46-34) in Rasmussen. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R)  is break-even in both polls (-2 DB, +1 RAS) while former house leader and current Dem house leader Nancy Pelosi (D) still rocks the approval unemployment line at -20 (DB) and -26 (RAS) while Senate Majority Leader Reid gets icy cold -17 (DB) and -30 (RAS) ratings.

All of the Republican Presidential Candidates are in good shape, Romney (-2) and Huckabee (0) poll dead even, and Palin is at a comfortable 40-51 (see any previous post as to why I say “comfortable”).

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