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Weekend Update: Tea Party Patriots and Polls

The Tea Party Patriots held a “National Summit” and held a Straw Poll, and Godfather’s Pizza founder Herman Cain took home top prize with a solid 22%.  Congressman Ron Paul (TX), Herman Cain, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN) were the only three potential/probable candidates to show up at the conference and naturally were the top 3 vote getters at, with Pawlenty and Paul winning 16% and 15%. Sarah Palin was the top vote-getter of non-attendees with 10%. (Palin was in Alaska supporting Husband Todd in the Annual Iron Dog Race (he came in a strong second).  Our advice to Paul: Quit while you are ahead. You’ll just be embarrassing yourself if you run again. Pawlenty and Cain have Zero shot at winning the nominatin, but could be good V.P. choices, and I suspect that is what Pawlenty is angling for anyway.

Gingrich to announce this week…. maybe: Oh goody, the first known Republican is about to enter the race, according to numerous reports. I guess we will see how much money he is able to raise and if he recieves any poll bounces. This might force Romney and other to officially announce as well in short order. These candidates need to start raising money. They will nee a solid $500 Million to compete against Obama.

Unions: Most polls Oppose unions but support the union workers. The media certainly has not been giving the Union protestors/thugs the “Tea Party” treatment. While the media sought to portray Tea Partiers as racist, violent, astro-turphed bullies, they have opted to treat actual Union bullies as poor, defenseless, lower-middle classers. Hey guess what: Elections Have Consequences (as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama loved to say in 2008). You don’t like it, you wait until the next election and vote in people you like. That’s how this works. Oh, and do the protestors think they are doing themselves any favors?

Hatch 2012: Utah is a pretty safe state for Republicans, so voters know they can support a more conservative candidate, take out an incumbent, and still probably win the seat. Mike Lee is a good example. I doubt that he would take on Sen. Orrin Hatch, but a poll shows that rising star Rep. Jason Chaffetz would tie Hatch 42-42 in a potential primary.

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