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50% Support Walker, 47% Unions: True Wisconsin Analysis

I’m sure you heard today that people love unions and hate Wisconsin Governor Walker. And today’s PPP poll does little to analyze the results of their own poll, and stick with the “whatever we get” method. The Poll had a Walker-Barrett breakdown of 47-47 in respondents, while Walker’s actual vote in 2010 was 52-46. If we weight the poll to people who actually bothered to vote in 2010 or to reflect the WI population at large we find completely different results.

The PPP Poll shows Walker’s approval at 46-52%, Yet after being properly weighted, it flips to positive range at 50-47. Union favorabilty goes from +9 (50-41) to just +2 (46-44). And in the Walker vs Union question, it goes from Union +4 (51-47) to Walker +3 (50-47%).

But you will find most Journalists do not analyze and instead regurgitate generic findings. Such is the reason Poll Insider exists.

MI Senate – Like most states, Michigan went Rightward in 2010. Dem Senator Debbie Stabenow is up, and she faces a tough challenge if Pete Hoekstra runs. He is an a dead heat with Stabenow holding a 44-42 lead. Hoekstra was the only Republican tested. No voter breakdown was available.

P2012 MI– The Same poll has Romney ahead of Obama in a potential matchup, 46-41. No other candidates were tested.

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