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Handling the ‘Palin Treatment’ and PDS

One of the big questions for all of the potential Republican nominees is, how will they be able to handle the “Palin Treatment.” The Palin Treatment, administered by those with PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome), a far more serious and advance case of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) is something sure to be encountered by any Republican nominee. As Candidates officially (or near officially) enter the primary process, we will give them a head start as what to look for. But first, a brief history of PT and PDS.

1) Twist Every Word… and I mean EVERY word. This has been an MSM favorite, a tactic never used on any candidate, ever, until Palin arrived. Any Tweet, FB posting, or brief off-hand remark will be scrutinized and twisted to unbelievable lengths with incredible headlines by media members who know 80% of the people won’t read beyond a headline of first paragraph. For instance, after a well-received one hour Q&A session at the Long Island Association discussing mostly economic matters, Sarah Palin said, in summary, to forget about the political reasons for breastfeeding (pushed by Mrs. Obama), as the rise in the cost of formula and Milk is reason enough to breastfeed. Needless to say, a point about the skyrocketing price of food (an argument that Palin has previously won against prior MSM attacks), was turned into headlines blaring “PALIN ATTACKS MICHELLE OBAMA on BREASTFEEDING.” Or, after the media attempts for days to tie you to a mass-murder shooting in Arizona, demands that you respond, and then complains when you accurately use the term “blood-libel” in your response (ironically a favorite phrase of leftists and elitist columnist when talking about far more benign issues than murder, of course a favorite before Palin used the term) and claim you insult the entire nation of Israel. You had newspapers literally attacking Palin for using a term in the same context their own reporters and writers had used within the past two years. Not too shocking of course, no one pays attention to them.

2) Call them “controversial”. Hey, the best way to make sure a person is viewed as “controversial” is to constantly call them “controversial.” So, while President Obama pushes unpopular and, dare I say, “controversial” Health Care and Energy and Economic policies, he is never called “controversial.” But someone like Sarah Palin is controversial, and they will be sure to let us know! controversy is in the eye of the newsholder, and Republicans are always controversial, and Democrats are always bi-partisan. So, be ready for that.

3) Use every twisted word whenever you can. After you twist something make sure to use at least one twisted phrase in a column or “news story” and for bonus points call them “controversial.” This can be done in a totally unrelated context, such as: “Controversial Candidate X, who bizarrely claimed THIS TWISTED STATEMENT, announced that he will lay out an economic policy next week.” If Obama were a Republican, the MSM would cover all of his travelling thusly: “Mr. Obama (R-IL), who once claimed he had visited 57 States, will head to Hawaii for vacation next month.” You can be sure that any mistake you say or have said will stick with you forever, to be printed hundreds of times over the course of a campaign, and any mistake you candidate makes to be completely brushed off as a slip. So, if your Dan Quayle, and you mis-spell Potato because a TEACHER (with union benefits) gave you a spelling-bee card with the word spelled POTATOE, you will forever be called an idiot, and this will always be brought up as a reminder why. Nevermind that you looked at the card and said it didn’t seem right. You are a moron, and that Teacher got a raise.

More to come….

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