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Poll Insider Analysis Goes O’Reilly?

Check out Tammy Bruce’s March 16th segment with Bill O’Reilly.

I think it’s great, mainly because I know where the analysis came from: Bruce’s analysis was a near-identical representation of my circulated column: “Polling Palin: An Unknown Known” from February 8.  She even used the “Unknown Known” phrase when referring to Palin and her polling numbers, and gave the almost verbatim argument used previously only here at Poll Insider.

The Hill attempts to dismiss the “Unknown Known” idea which, in summary, states that though Sarah Palin is “known” she is only really known through the lens of the media, which is undoubtedly negative. Writing for The Hill, Christian Heinze is just another in a long line of intellectually void commentators. He basically dismisses the concept on the fact that Facebook and Twitter are not filtered content. Sure, Facebook and Twitter are unfiltered for the 3 Million or so who care enough to follow what she says. Unfortunately, that leaves another 117 million 2008 voters who will never bother to actually see what she has to say but will get some twisted interpretation from people like… well, Christian Heinze )or ABCBSNBCNNNYTETCETCETC. Business Insider used the same exact moronic “Facebook and Twitter are unfiltered” argument, which would be a fine argument if the media actually reported, rather than distorted, what she says. Again, 3 million facebook fans can see her unfiltered opinion (which explains her feisty following) but the rest of the opinion of her comes from PDS Media and their after-Palin-wth-a-vengeance stories.

 Which… is… the… whole… point…. doofus….

And such is the problem when you have “journalists” and “analysts” who are more interested in salty headlines than they are interested in having intelligent debate. The complete lack of intellectual thought AND the media’s brilliant ability to share the same exact talking points on everything. It’s like magic!

And Sarah Palin is the intellectually void one?

UPDATE 1: O’Reilly also stated in the interview that Palin has Fox news to state her unfiltered opinions all the time. Apparently Bill O has never watched his own show, where he acts as the great descendent of an Interruptous Rex.

UPDATE 2: Remember the Tucson shooting? Remember how Sarah Palin was blood-libelously blamed (by the media) for days as being the reason it happened? Yeah, and then she responded, “unfiltered” in a pretty darn good posting that the media plucked two words “blood libel” and ran with for about 2 weeks, completely ignoring the truthfulness of the statement and, more importantly, 100% of everything other than those two words? Do you think more people are familiar with what SP actually said or the entire media’s assault on her?

Update 3: Remember when Sarah Palin has a great Q and A at the Long Island Association? It certainly was unfiltered, but only to those people in attendence and to those who cared enough to actually watch the whole vidoe online (unfortunately, way to small a percentage of people in America). What do most people know about that speech? Well, if you get all of your news from scanning 6 word headlines from the AP it was something like “Palin attacks Michelle Obama over Breastfeeding.” Again, that’s a lot more interesting than the reality, which is: “Sarah Palin comments on the rise of food prices.” Point…proven…

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  1. Dan
    March 20, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    You are 100% right.

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