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2012 Ohio P, Missouri Senate

OH 2012 Prez: PPP Has a poll out and, as usual skews heavily to the Dems. In 2010, turnout favored Republicans at 37%, Democrats at 36%, and Indies at 21%. A 2010 R+1 and this poll is D +8 with 43% Democrats polled vs 35% Republican and 21% Independent.  I won’t even bother with the spread due to the uneven nature, but taking the poll at face value, Palin picks up 36% while Romney picks up just 40% and Huckabee 41% in a must-win state. So, the only candidate (Palin) who has been thoroughly trashed for 2 years is fairing little worse than the “electable” guys in support. What happens if Huck or Romney become the nominee and then they recieve “The Treatment”?

MO Senate 2012: Sarah Steelman is off to a good start in Missouri with a competitve lead in a PPP poll at 31% support vs. 24% for Todd Akin, and she faired well in an earlier head-to-head matchup  and within striking distance of Obamaclaire McCaskill (42-45).

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