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Which Repubs Rock FaceBook? Frivolous Post Day!

Not sure that many people noticed, but Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) became the second Republican to somewhat mosty sorta officially enter the GOP primary field, as expected. I guess someone had to do it. Of all places, he opted to announce on Facebook (after a series of leaks to run up interest to his FB page). Not sure that I’d want to be known as “the first candidate to announce Presidential run on Facebook” but hey, the ceiling is now broken. So, I wondered how much of a bump he would get and how all of the GOP field fared.

As for Pawlenty’s strategy, I checked his FB page about an hour before his “special message” and he had about 72,000 fans/supporters. After his message (in which you were required to ‘like’ him to view (seems a little desperate, but okay) he stands at about 77K fans now.

2012 GOP FB Rankings (This doesn’t mean much, but I found it interesting.)

1) Sarah Palin: 2.83 Million Fans: Not too surprising here (quick, someone tell the media of her unpopularity) she trails only the Pres among politicians on facebook. She also rocked 5th place in Non-fiction book sales with just under 800K for 2010 with her latest, after taking #1 in 2009. This would have easily came in second behind President Bush’s “Decision Points” for the year if not released in the end of December.

2) Mitt Romney: 825K fans. With less than 1/3 of the following of Palin, Romney has some catching up to do. Of course, Romney doesn’t exactly make news with every post and tweet. He also logged a fraction of books sold, with a ho-hum 220,000 for the year despite a 9 month release lead on Palin. For a leading contender for the POTUS job, he doesn’t appear to have that hardcore following yet.

3) Mike Huckabee 550K: The other leading conservative in the race, who I don’t think is running, has a decent following and is currently on a book tour.

4) Ron Paul 313K: Expected more from The Media Candidate. I guess his support is more bark than bite.

5) Newt Gingrich 118k: Found on his Facebook Page: Tips on how to cheat on and dump two cancer-ridden wives, and plan to run for a nomination without a D after your name.

6) Tim Pawlenty 77k: The second candidate and first, uhh, “major” candidate to enter the race, Pawlenty gained about 10% new fans by forcing them to like his page to see there message. Looking for a job in a new GOP administration, apparently.

7) Herman Cain 57k: The first candidate in is giving it all he’s got, and gosh darn it, people like him. He should be fun to watch, even if he has little chance at winning.

8: Mitch Daniels 45K: The Establishment/Media Choice hasn’t set much on fire. Hello, Charles Krauthammer says we need someone with his type of boring anti-charismatic charm to crush Obama. Start clicking like folks!

9) Haley Barbour 17K: Maybe

10) Rick Santorum 13K: Taking cheap shots at Palin gets Santorum up to a rocking 13k fans, or just 2.82 million fewer fans than Palin. It’s okay Rick, it’s okay.

11) Jon Huntsman 1,578: Oh yeah, love the media consiracies on this one. “Obama picked Huntsman as Ambassador to such-and-such because he was so afraid of Huntsman challenging him in 2012 he wanted to get him out of the way.” Well, it obviously is working. I even managed to type out the entire number.

So, where will these candidates be a month from now? Another frivolous post will come, I’m sure!

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