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For Palin, the Time Is Now

After running through a number of polls, I believe that Palin MUST enter the race soon, and waiting is not an option. I have repeatedly stated that Palin has the greatest upside, but she needs to get in, preferably ahead of Mitt Romney. And here is why:

First, she is taking a dip in the polls. Despite recent excellent outings in New York, India, Israel, and on television (all of which the media has been suspectly quiet on) Palin is dipping in the polls. Like I’ve said many times on this blog, I think Palin has the greatest upside among all GOP candidates and I think the image of her is not reflective of how people will see her when she runs. But a problem emerges when her message is still not widespread (how many GOP voters actually watch her on TV or opted to find an internet video of her India or LIA speeches/Q&As? Not enough).

Two recent polls have her falling from an essential first place tie down to 7-8% behind Romney and Huckabee. In a CNN/Opinion research poll Palin (12%) has fallen to the 4th choice behind even Gingrich (14%) and barely ahead of Trump (10%). And a PEW Poll has her at 13% to over 20% for Romney and Huckabee. The constant media drum beat of “Palin can’t win” and “Palin losing favor from Republicans” and “Palin really unpopular” is having starting to have a damagine effect on her image.

But there is one simple solution: Run. Announce you are running and suddenly people start paying attention more to what you say than what others say about you. She needs to dump the Fox News gig and take the media head on. I fully believe she has been leading up to this over the past couple of months as she has been much more polished, aggressive, impressive, and confident in interviews. She is ready.

She needs a friggin web-site. Where can people go to find out information about her and the REAL her? Nowhere, officially anyway. There are plenty of Pro-Palin websites, but those will often be ignored by many non-activist Republicans, unless/until they become Palin supporters. Palin has to lead the way and she needs a place other than Facebook and Twitter. As I pointed out the other day, she is the only possible candidate without an actual website. This is hurting her as much as anything because interested people have nowhere to go.

If she wants to get in it to win it, the time is now. I give her a window of two weeks, and she can still take charge of the ship. The more she waits, the more momentum she loses as voters become invested in other candidates. The time to take market share of voters is before they become invested.

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  1. March 26, 2011 at 12:29 am

    I think she will have a web site soon and with all the speeches she has lined up, whether she will get in now
    or wait til fall – I don’t know – it can go either way.

    Good article.

  1. March 24, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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