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Thursday Polls Round-up

Libya: RAS 76% of Democrats think Obama has done a good job handling the Libya crisis, compared to 15% of Republicans, and 31% of Independents. Were Republicans ever this generous of royal screw-ups from the Bush admin? I don’t remember so….

O-Care: RAS Repeal of Obamacare still favored by 53-42%. 79% of Republicand and 56% of Independents want repeal.

Obama Approval: RAS -5% 47% Approve, 52% Disapprove

Michigan, Terri Lynn Land: A PPP poll shows former Michigan Sec of State Terri Lynn Land as the Republican with the greatest state-wide favorability among all idealogical groups. The poll also shows her with the closest margin to sitting Senator Debbie Stabenow with a losing 48-38%. Of course, this should be highly discounted as this poll was done the same time as the Michigan poll I covered the other day and showed extreme flaws (double-digit flaws) in favor of the Democrat candidate. This race is pretty much neck-and-neck. A Janury Wilson Strategies poll showed Stabenow with a slim 46-41 lead.

Palin, Losing Ground?: WSR also had a good blog post  last week questioning mainstream analysis of polls: “So where is Palin, a candidate who still has a favorable image among all Republicans and Republican-leaners and an even stronger one among just Republican primary voters, “losing ground?”  Apparently it is among the inside-the-beltway opinion journalist set and the ‘conservative elite’ (which translates to inside-the-beltway conservatives who have major newspaper columns and hobnob with journalists).”

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