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Polls Update Monday/Tuesday

Delusional “Conservative”: So, I was intrigued (not really) by a Chi-Sun Times column titled: “GOP credential must trump charisma.” I have no idea who the author is, but either way I’d say “conservative” with strong quotes. Which can only describe any Republicans who lists the 3 “electable” Republicans as Mitt Romney, Mitch Daniels, and Tim Pawlenty. Yes, these three have been on a trend-setting “these are your winners, folks!” of the establishment elite.

What is mostly obvious is he wants nothing to do with the conservatives. The dismissing of Palin was expected, as that’s all the establishment types do. He noted she “quit” as Governor after 2 years (without speculating why, and to not know or explain is embarrassing) and noted, how original, that she is “polarizing.” He then lists Huckabee as “unelectable” and he is perhaps the only Republican who isn’t underwater in the favor-ability polls. I’d say he gets the rest right (Gingrich, Trump, Paul) as being unelectable.

But as easily as he could find nothing to say about the above candidates, he could find nothing negative to say about the Establishment 3. The E-3 (Romney, Pawlenty, Daniels) are the only electable ones and they are all business savvy or something. Does anyone think Pawlenty has any serious shot? Seriously? I guess Romneycare wasn’t worth a mention, nor was Daniels raising the white flag on half of the issues that makes conservatives conservative. Expect the E-3 love fest to continue for quite some time.

Obamacare: Rasmussen has For Repeal at 58% and oppose Repeal at 36%. That’s rough, even if you consider (as liberals obsessively point out) that “many” of the 58% didn’t think the bill went far enough.  Yeah, okay. Juan Williams was trying to use this argument last night somewhere on Fox News. I do find it interesting that Obamacare polling is some of the rare times the media tries to deeper analyze a poll any further than just the raw number. Odd, I know!

Libya: Foreign Policy poll are almost always useless. People do not know what is going on nor do they care. Not, at least, until the media starts telling them to care and starts blasting body counts and images on the screens. A PEW poll shows +11% support in the current actions, despite 61% not knowing what the goal is. How do those two add up? You don’t know what the goal is, nor do you think those in charge know what the goal is, but at least 20% of people support it anyway? Aye-yai-yai….

NC Buyer’s Remorse: Voters seem underwhelmed by Dem Governor Bev Perdue, whoe 2008 victory was largely attributable to Obama’s coattails. Obama’s coattails won’t be nearly as long in 2012, and a PPP shows Perdue losing handily to Republican McCrory in a rematch.

GOP 2012 Happenings: Gingrich needs to just get on with it already. Dragged. On. Long. Enough. After a false start earlier this month, he now says it could be another month before he makes anything official. Asked about his affairs, “Hey, I’m not perfect.” No S/S. Huckabee is playing the “will he/won’t he game too. I still say he is waiting for S.P. and to see how much money she raises in the first week (it will be a lot). And Gary Johnson of NM is also reportedly going to announce in April. Johnson, most known for being a Pro-potter and pro-gay marriage. I’m waiting for a Ron Paulian to come out and say “Gary, I know Ron paul and you are no Ron Paul.” April’s gonna be a busy month…




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  1. PhillyCon
    March 29, 2011 at 10:02 am

    LOL on the Obamacare polls re: Juan Williams. Polls to liberals and Republican establishment types are akin to the Oracle at Delphi. It’s more telling when they are ignored rather than touted. That’s probably the take home lesson in all of this.

    Didn’t the WaPo refuse to publish their own poll b/c of Obamacare opposition?

  2. PhillyCon
    March 29, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Also, Gingrich is playing games, b/c this is the only way he can generate media interest IMO.

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