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Prosser Wins? Another Victory for Palin, Tea Party, and Walker

So, a last minute 7,500 vote find in favor of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Justice Prosser seems to have ended the dramatic race that had big-government Unions calling it a referendum on Governor Scott Walker and his policies (though never count out the ability of Democrats to find votes). Certainly, PPP will be out with a poll in the next week claiming that, if given the choice to vote again, Wisconsonites would overwhelmingly vote for left-wing judicial nominee JoAnne Kloppenburg, using a fair sample of 65-35 Kloppenburg voters.

Certainly, anyone looking at a PPP Wisconsin poll or listening to the media would have assumed that Kloppenburg would be a shoe-in. After all, EVERYONE supported the Flee-bagging Democrats, the teachers who teach kids to skip school and throw tatrums when they don’t get there way, on other people dependent on the public dollar.


Jim Worth (?) at Huffington Post wrote this about Kloppenburg’s premature victory dance:

“But democracy is a powerful thing and the people of Wisconsin would have none of that. Their voices were loud and clear. Not in our state! Not Today! Their state motto is ‘forward’ reflecting their drive to be a national leader. And leaders they were. Wisconsinites again led the way in the fight for America, the fight for democracy. They’ve started the momentun to take back the country from the military-industrial complex that aspires to take over and usurp our precious freedoms. And they followed through with this election. Wisconsin struck the first blow! Now, other oppressed states must follow!”

So, the bottom line is, we were all led to believe that “the people” were clearly on the side of the thug unions, not Governor Walker. This became an obvious referendum on that thought. And even as the left tried to use an endorsement of “sooper-dooper-unpopular-mmmkay” Sarah Palin against him, it seems that she now has a pretty good track record in Wisconsin.

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