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Donald Trump Poll Numbers: My Eyes are Burning

So, no one knows how to ruin a day like Public Policy Polling. I’m thinking (hoping/praying) that this is a fad, but really: Donald Trump at 26% in a Republican Primary? 1 in 4 GOP voters? Seriously? All because he is running around yapping about a birth certificate? Here are general random thoughts on it all:

The numbers: Trump leads the pack with 26% (by far the highest total I can remember recently) while Huckabee (17%) and Romney (15%) are distant 2nd and third place finishers. Palin has fallen off the map at 8%, I think due to voters’ perception she is not running (due to constant media claims she is not running). His lead comes from the “birthers” who are perhaps an even bigger percentage of the GOP than even I thought, as 37% of Trump supporters would not consider voting for a candidate who didn’t believe Obama was born in another country. Overall 23% of GOP voters would be unwilling to support a candidate who believe Obama was born in the U.S.

My take on the birther movement: Who cares? I know, I know. Here come the emails about “people who believe in the Constitution care.” Fine, what’s the alternative, Joe Biden as President? Is birtherism really the argument we want to take into 2012? Without proof you will be pegged as a conspiracy nut. And the proof isn’t on the way. No court has or will bite. Personally, I find it amusing. I find it odd that Obama has spent so much money and time hiding information. I guess I’m in the camp that there is probably something on that BC that is embarrassing. Sometimes I even think he isn’t born in the U.S. just because he’s such an elitist jerk. But, we are never going to see the Birth Certificate. It isn’t going to happen.We need to move on. My kids future isn’t going to get better because I know what Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate says. And no candidate will ever win an election on that platform. And if Trump were to get the nomination, that is all anyone would take about.

But what worries me more is the GOP electorate’s willingness to support Trump despite everything else, based only on an immature birther rant in which he is solely playing on Tea Party weakness. I’m hoping they just don’t realize the “everything else” yet and will change their ways. I will summarize everything here, which was previously broen into 2 pieces:

1) Supports any and all things Clinton: He supported (financially and otherwise) Hillary Clinton for President and was later upset when she wasn’t chosen as VP. He donated between $50k-$100K to the Clinton Foundation and Library and Massage Parlor. He supported Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor. McAulife worked for Bill Clinton, Chaired Hillary Clinton for President, and headed the DNC for several years. Tea Party favorite (and an actual Republican) Bob McDonnell eventual became governor in a landslide. He didn’t even become a Republican until 2009. (Reform until 2001. Democrat from 2001-2009).

2) Financially Supported, endorsed, and campaigned for a whopping  0 Tea Party candidates in the 2010 Cycle. While most presidential contenders were raising money, campaigning, and setting up PACs for Republican and Tea Party candidates, new Tea Party Commander-in-Chief was not only not supporting them, but opposing them. Why? His excuse now is that it’s important to grease the wheel of the lawmakers. Oh, so he also believes in bribery and that donations influence decisions? Okay, sweet! Aside from Terry McAuliffe, he gave cash to Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Kristen Gillibrand, and a whole bunch of other candidates Tea Partiers love! When he did support a Republican, it was Charlie Crist or Arlen Specter.

3) Says Democrats are better for business. After praising Barack Obama, he said it would work out great for him because although businesses always support Republicans, they always do better under Democrats. Perhaps this is a better explanation as to why he sent his money where.

4) Supported Nationalized Healthcare

5) Supported Bailouts and “to a degree” Obama’s outrageous stimulus package.

6) Opposed Paul Ryan’s modest Budget Proposal on the grounds that Democrats would be mean to him and say he is killing old people. Duh, they always say this. Trump says you can’t tackle entitlement reform because your opponents will say you are mean. Awesome, there is a fighter.

7) For the first 6 decades of his life was Pro-Choice until suddenly he wasn’t. And he is still working on his “official position”

8 ) Wealth Tax: He Supported a one time Wealth Tax on “the rich” and small business owners to pay for deficits. A wealth tax is even worse than a regular old tax as it taxes (about 15% he proposed) everything that was already taxed.

9) Supports Climate Change Legislation: Sure, he was cool when he bashed Al Gore and demanded he give his little prize back for the Global Warming hoax. But just like with everything else with Trump, he opposes in 2011 everything he supported before 2010.  In early 2009, Trump signed an “open letter” to President Obama and Congress asking them to push for Climate Change legislation offered up by the radical UN Climate Change Panel.

10) Became a Reform Party Member Because: “The Republican Party has just moved too far to the extreme right. The Democrats are too far to the left. I believe the Reform Party can be the true centrist party. And that’s very much in line with my thinking.” Wait, didn’t we just to call this type a RINO?

11) Donated 50K To well-regarded Tea Partier Rahm Emmanuel in his bid for the Chicago Mayor last year. Oh wait, nope. Not a Tea Partier? Obviously, more “greasing the wheels” eh Donald?

And I won’t even mention the marriages, divorces, bankruptcies, refusal to pay debts, and leaving others in financial ruin. But hey, he is good on that birth certificate issue, right? I don’t think he’s running, I think he is drumming up publicity for himself, which he is good at. Unfortunately, he’s making the GOP electorate look like morons.

So, what say you? Email me at pollinsider (@) gmail .com and let me know why Trump should be nominated. Apparently 1 in 4 of you think he should be.

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  1. PhillyCon
    April 15, 2011 at 5:29 pm


    When Trump appears on Rush’s show a few times, this gives him cover with conservatives.

    I also think some of these “26 percenters” like the fact that he’s gone unscathed by the media for attacking Obama. This group probably believes the media silence and/or soft touch will continue under the grueling lights of a primary campaign.

    You are right about the myopic vision of some conservatives.

  2. PhillyCon
    April 15, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Plus, I’m waiting for Karl Rove and his ilk to go on offense against Trump. Weren’t we told that Palin’s reality show was “unpresidential?” Why the silence?

    Trump is tying the announcement of his intentions with hi reality show. Where is Rove’s concern for Trump’s seemingly unpresidential behavior?

  3. June 16, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Excellent website from Haley Landron

  1. April 29, 2011 at 8:31 am

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