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Tim Pawlenty: Does He Pass the Test?

Each candidate will be analyzed on the following 5 criteria that is crucial to winning a general election against Barack Obama. Mitt Romney was first up and scored a 62/100.

Tim Pawlenty: Minnesota House of Reps 1992-2003. Minnesota Governor 2003-2011. Lawyer. Pawlenty has been positioned as the GOP establishment “favored conservative.” It seems most likely the establishment dream pairing is Romney-Pawlenty2012.

1) Be Conservative, Believably: Rating 15/20 – Tim Pawlenty has positioned himself as a social and fiscal conservative and has attempted to become a Tea Party kinda guy, after being somewhat moderate as Governor. He takes all the standard positions: Pro-life, pro-DOMA, and was decent in budget matters in the earlier part of his Governorship. He did, however, sign and support a law mandating a rise of ethanol in gasoline from 10% to 20%. And anyone who has have compared ethanol-filler gasoline with regular gasoline knows the waste of money and time (refilling your car more frequently) that is. He also became a global warming advocate, but has since done a 180 in the defense that “all the Republicans supported it at one time.” So, there’s that.

2) Raise $750 Million: 4/20 I Have big doubts about Pawlenty’s ability to raise the kind of funds needed to fight a $1 billion juggernaut. In the first 10 days of his “exploratory” campaign he hauled in just $160,000. Those early days is when the excited supporters can’t wait to toss their money in. The campaign tried to spin this, saying the number was really good because they told donors to wait until April 1st when the new quarter started so they could post a big quarterly total. We will see where he stands at the end of his first full quarter. Comparison-wise, Mitt Romney’s 2007 run saw his first fundraiser bring in $6.5 Million and his first quarter $23 Million. Will Pawlenty be able to hit even $2 Million?

3) Pack Crowds/Base Enthusiasm: 5/20 Again, I just do not see much enthusiasm for Pawlenty, despite the big push by the GOP Media that “Pawlenty or Romney” are the choices. He spoke at a Tea Party rally in Iowa last week (alongside Herman Cain) with just, at best 200-300 people. Though “Bad Weather” was blamed, Someone Else didn’t have much trouble bringing in several thousand supporters, some even counter-supporters for good measure. His Facebook Page is still at about 83,000 supporters, and while that is not Everything, this is different times we live in, and we know it means something. In January, he managed under 5K in first week book sales for his Presidential Primer. NRO discusses the lack of Pawlenty interest at the tax day Boston Tea Party rally where he was the featured speaker.

4) Speak/Debate/Compel: 10/20 Not really exciting. Sorry. I heard an interview with him on Laura Ingraham’s radio show and he was void of any passion or, really, anything interesting to say. It was again a case of the “I picked up and memorized everything in this here tea party position pamphlet.” I see little ability to come up with quick answers on his feet (actually, quite Obama-like). But I haven’t seen him in a debate.

5) Have Guts 5/20: Like Romney, he is rarely the first to speak out and often waits to select the most politically viable position. I haven’t seen him lead on any issue. The only unique attack of seen thus far is where he places Palin, Bachmann, and Trump in the unserious wing of the GOP hopefuls with Hulk Hogan. Hahaha! Funny, right? Oh, and while you know my feelings on Donald Trump, at least he’s a solid 20/20 on the guts front.

Also, doesn’t Tim Pawlenty just look stuffy? It’s the too-crease high-buttoned plaid shirts and never-been-worn before jeans. It’s like he’s channeling John “I’m a regular guy” Kerry circa 2004.

Total 39/100. Basically, a poor man’s Mitt Romney. Am I being too harsh, not harsh enough? Will he be able to up these numbers?

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