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Gary Whoeverson: In It, Just Cause, okay Dude?

Add yet another space-filler to the GOP line-up. Gary Johnson, former New Mexico, became the latest entrant into the 2012 GOP Race. I won’t give him “the treatment” because let’s be honest, he isn’t going anywhere. But, he did announce just in time to release a book. Yay. We so excited. We we we we so excited. Also, you can pre-order a signed copy for just $100. Umm, who does he think he is, Sarah Palin? I recommend just going to a book signing, I don’t think the wait will be too bad.

I won’t say I dug too deeply, but he seemed good on spending and budget issues in NM, but liberal on eevrything else. Supports abortion, legalizing drugs, amnesty for illegals. He’s basically Ron Paul, with the following or cash but more socially liberal.

If anyone feels the need to state the case for or against Johnson, feel free to email me at pollinsider (@) gmail .com, and I will add it here and to our Presidential series.

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