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Social Media Ranker/Movement

Voter base enthusiasm will be key in 2012, and social media is perhaps the top 1 that candidates messages get spread either by themselves or via word of mouth. Obama clearly won the social media battle in 2008. Which Republican candidates can keep up in 2012? This tracker was first introduced on May 21st. The first number indicates total current support/likes/fans. The number in parenthesis is the gain of support since the last update.

How are the candidates using their pages? Sarah Palin is the clear Social Media winner right now, and should hit the 3 Million mark within the next 3 weeks. She actually outpaces support levels of all of the other 10 candidates combined. Palin uses her page to link stories and to launch brutal policy attacks on the President. A typical posting gets between 10,000-30,000 responses/affirmations. This is impressive and it actually is the same range that The One gets on his page with similar messages. Of course, Obama is closing on 20 Million Supporters which indicates they are much less active in participation at this stage as a whole. Also, SarahPAC.com has been updated at last to include her articles, videos, etc. This has seen a huge spike in the sites Alexa rankings and now gives non-FBers a place to see her material.

Mitt Romney is using his page to link to an eye-closing op-ed here and there, to farm for email addresses through an “Obama Misery Index,” and to constantly post and re-post his initial campaign announcement. Huckabee uses his site to link visitors to HuckPac on almost all posts. I recommend everyone check out Jon Huntsman’s facebook page. He is dropping hints and building excitement left and right that he is going to run, but apparently no one cares.

Social media FB Ranker:

1) Sarah Palin: 2.92 Million Supporters (+90,000 Supporters since 3-21-2011)

2) Mitt Romney 862K (+37,000)

3) Mike Huckabee 575K (+25,000)

4) Ron Paul 331K (+28,000)

5) Donald Trump 250K (new)

6) Newt Gingrich 123k (+5,000):

7) Tim Pawlenty 85K (+7,000)

8) Herman Cain 65k (+8,000)

9 ) Mitch Daniels 48K (+3,000)

10) Rick Santorum 14K (+1,000)

11) Jon Huntsman 1,828 (+250)

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