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Tuesday Presidential Round-up

Hope everyone had a great weekend (Pollinsider took a union-boss-approved, 5 day respite). Here’s the polls and info you might have missed:

Haley Barbour2012 is not running. Says his heart wasn’t in it and probably knew the cards weren’t either. The left was already floating “racist” charges his way just in case. Politico gets all dramatic with Barbour’s announcement, which all seems a little overblown for a guy who never registered a blip on the radar. (Guess what, it’s great for Mitch Daniels!!! Seriously, okay GOP voters. This is your guy!!! – Love, Journolist)

Ron Paul2012 is in. Big shocker here. In 2008, he placed fourth in money raised among Republicans behind Romney, Giuliani, and McCain at about $35 Million. This was also double what Huckabee raised. Paul’s always willing to take the cash of the 20-30 something Ronulans for a useless cause. In 2008, he took in just 35 Delegates out over over 2,300 despite staying in the race until the end (and having multiple second place finishes as a result). Personally, I’ll never get the appeal, but that’s just me.

Afghanistan not looking so hot. Barack Obama’s friendlier warfare strategy in Afghanistan (Mission: Unknown) has brought Obama to 49% disapproval on the matter. That’s pretty bad considering the mess has not been in the news much and the polled public tends to give political leaders the benefit of the doubt on foreign policy issues because, let’s be honest, 90% of the American public has no clue about foreign policy or what’s going on in other countries we are involved in.it’s getting to the point where Obama is upside down on every single political issue.

Hope and Change meets Jimmy Carter’s America. On the depressing front, just 31% think that America’s best days are to come, while 53% think they are in the past. It’s starting to feel like 1980 to a lot more than just those “nutty tea party people.”

California. Want to know why California is such a mess? Read this poll. You have people who think the government is useless, wasteful, and corrupt, and that the state is screwed up because of the policies of the state officials. Yet they give raving reviews to the Democratic legislature who passes all the laws, their Senator, and the President. They also seem to be not so fond of public “servants” which is the only part of the poll where those polled make any sense. By wide margins, they want practically every benefit, pension, salary, car program, and so forth taken away. I’d like to say I feel sorry for the union people (not really) but welcome to the world of rich vs. poor, and your the new rich. Let this be a lesson to my good old union lefty friends: When you are only 20% of the population, and the other 80% has less than you, they are all too willing to take as much as they can from you.Seems that whole eat the rich thing isn’t working out too well these days.

South Carolina. Primary polls at this stage are rough. ARG released a SC poll with a whopping 20 options. Huckabee (20) Romney (18) Trump (13) and Palin (10) all hit double digits, though only Romney is officially in the race at this point. Newly announced Ron Paul brought in a whopping 1%, Pawlenty 2%, Cain 1% and certain to announce Santorum at 1%. It’s likely that 2 of the 4 top vote-getters won’t even wind up running, completely altering the landscape.

Romney Wins New Hampshire. Don’t even hold a primary here. NH is just a Romney kind of state and it shows with 32% support in a separate ARG poll. Other than Trump, no other candidate breaks 9%.

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