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Donald Trump’s Anti-Obama Crusade All About the Clintons

Update: Would Trump Primary Obama? Never really occurred to me, but it makes sense. Since I don’t think Trump wants to be president but wants to damage Obama based on the below piece, wouldn’t a one-on-one primary be more interesting than a multi-GOP one for Trump? He said he was going to make an announcement of his run next month and that we would all be “very surprised.” Certainly neither him running as a Republican nor not running at all would be a surprise. But running as a Democrat against Obama in a primary would be. And I think it would be a lot more entertaining. After all, he could go for the Clinton Democrats, since he is one, and it would only require a much smaller commitment. Operation Chaos 2?

I’ve documented heavily about Donald Trump’s very non-Republican, non-Conservative, and non-Tea Party past. So, then what explains all the hassle? Multiple theories abound: 1) Trump is a Democrat plant, out to hand a second term to Obama. 2) Trump really had a change of heart on just about every issue and really wants to be President 3) Trump is simply in love with himself and loves all of the attention. 4) Trump is crazy

Here’s the reality: Donald Trump was never a Republican and he doesn’t care about Republicans, Conservatism, or the Tea Party. The strength of the Tea Party simply allowed Trump a vehicle for his ultimate goal: a full out assault on Obama. So, he adopts all the positions of the biggest movement in the US and launches his attacks. And why? Donald Trump wants to destroy Obama because Obama took down the Clinton machine, a machine that Trump was very fond of. Remember those angry Hillary voters from 2008 who vowed not to support Obama because of his campaigns sexism towards Clinton? Trump could basically be the head of the group.Trump is simply a hardcore Clinton Democrat, and everyone else can go to heckster.

Trump supported Hillary Clinton in the primary and was ticked off, first, when she lost to Obama and then again when she was snubbed for the Vice President slot. This caused Trump to “support” John McCain and attack Obama, despite the positions of Obama and Clinton not being all that different. There is no other reason for his John McCain support except to know that Clinton lost to Obama, and he was not happy about that. After all, he had supported the DNC, Clinton, Reid, Kennedy, and all the other bigwigs of Democratic Party politics that were tied to the Clintons, had claimed that Democrats are better for business, and supported Hillary’s socialist health care plans. Even within the last 2 years his support of Clinton cronies ran high. He supported longtime Clinton ally Rahm Emmanuel with $50,000 in his recent race for Chicago mayor. Emmanuel initially supported Hillary for President before declaring “neutrality” because of Obama’s Chicago ties. Trump supported Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe with a $25,000 donation in his bid for Virginia Governor in 2009 and then, like with Hillary Clinton, did not support the eventual Democrat primary victor. Trump gave around $100,000 to the Clinton Library/Foundation. Even during Trump’s Birth Certificate crusade he has constantly cited Clinton’s initial rumor-milling during the 2008 primary about Obama’s eligibility.

So, there’s your reason: Trump’s anti-Obama rampage has more to do with his loyalty towards the Clinton’s (and his anger at their fall) than any sudden “change of heart” over conservative policies. And that’s the story of a Clintonite scorned. Is he running? Doubtful. Trump doesn’t have the attention span to run a 2 year campaign, much less be President. He will never release his full finances in order to run. He hasn’t set up any form of website or campaign structure. He doesn’t want to give up his TV show and he doesn’t want to surrender 8 years of money-making (not that he would get elected).

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    April 29, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    Good stuff.

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