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AZ Senate Toldya So; 3 Way Race for GOP Nom; Obama Non-Bounce

AZ Senate Yesterday, I warned that PPP would probably release a Senate survey for Arizona and, based on the poor heavy-left bias of the Independents (which is not a reality in AZ), and the unscientific number of Independents polls (less than 125) this was cause for major swing. yesterday, I got a several emails claiming I dismiss the survey because I do not like the results. I openly explain every aspect of my analysis, which is done nowhere else, so you can take it or leave it.

Again, it’s hardly unlikely that Arizona Independents (who split their vote in 2008 and went over 2-1 to McCain in 2010) would view Obama favorably (as Indies are dropping like flies for him) and dislike every single Republican, all by 2-1 margins.

Naturally, PPP opts to poll Gabrielle Giffords against Republicans Jeff Flake and, oddly, Sarah Palin, who doesn’t live in Arizona. Certainly it wouldn’t surprise me that Democrats would stoop so low as to hoist up Gabrielle Giffords, functional or not, for the mere opportunity of taking over a Senate seat. Until she was shot by a deranged left-wing anarchist lunatic, she was relatively unknown and moderate, and not well-liked by the left-wing of her party. But, alas, they will never let a good crisis go to waste. Giffords leads Jeff Flake 49-41 in this poll, but again, do to serious sampling flaws, the result is useless. And, for whatever reason, PPP also polled Palin against possible Democrats in Arizona. Odd, since she lives in Alaska and if she ran for anything, it wouldn’t be the Senate in Arizona.

Palin, #1 with Republican Women; 3 Way Race for GOP Nom: A New Quinnipiac poll has some new results. Romney (18%), Palin (15%), and Huckabee (15%) remain the 3 to beat while Trump is down a little to 12%. A handful of contenders score 4-5% including Pawlenty, Gingrich, Paul, Bachman, and Daniels, while Santorum, Huntsman, and Johnson rock 1% each. Palin polls tops with women at 20%, while Romney (15%) and Huckabee (12%) trail. The numbers are flopped with men and Romney (20%) leads Huckabee (16%) and Palin (11%).

While Palin, Huckabee, and Romney have remained relatively stable since the prior poll in Nov. 2010, Gingrich has tumbled 10 points, down to 5%. Ouch. Looks like this is where Trump’s support has come from.

Obama’s No-Bounces: 3 news polls out, showing president RambObama with no bounce from his “brave” call on getting OBL.

Newsweek/Daily Beast 48% Approve, 49% Disapprove

Rasmussen 48%A, 51% D

SurveyUSA 46%A, 42% D

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