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The Bizarre Handling of OBL Aftermath

The competence of the mission was incredible: Quick, Decisive, Unapologetic. It was everything that the Obama administration is not when it comes to foreign policy. The one character I like out of the whole operation is CIA chief Panetta who, by all indication, was the one in charge of the decision-making and strategy.

But the aftermath? It was everything we expected from an administration that has minimal experience in foreign policy, public relations, intelligence, and class. It was bizarre.

First. the announcement. No sooner was OBL shot dead than Obama was out on National T.V. congratulating himself for all the decisions he made. I, I, me, me, my, my.Fine, we get it, you made the decision. It was the only decision that could be made. We later found out that he took 16 hours to give the go-ahead after being told the mission was ready. He was able to sleep with that decision weighing on his mind? Then, less than 2 hours before OBL would be double-tapped, Obama was on the golf course, where he had arrived 3.5 hours earlier. Really? You know the SEALs are on their way to kill OBL and you go golfing? Wouldn’t, say, church have been a little more appropriate? Wouldn’t you want to be engaged? I’m obsessed, needing to know every detail of a football game hours before it happens and YOUR GOLFING? And then you gloat how wonderful you are?

Fine. Then the release of information. Rather than wait a day and get the facts straight, every Obama official is out with a different story about what happened. OBL was armed, then he wasn’t armed. He was using a human shield, then he wasn’t. The shield was OBLs wife, then it was a courier’s wife, then it was his daughter and she wasn’t a shield, but was attacking the SEAl team. Osama resisted, then he didn’t. There was a firefight, then there wasn’t.

Then they announce: DUDE, WE GOT THE MOTHERLOAD OF INFO! Yes, let’s give a heads up, y’all! (The rush to release all of this information anyway simply led to a warning shot for all other OBL associates to scatter. Wouldn’t it have been nice to check out the information before we blabbered about everything? How many more cells could we have taken out?

Then, the staging: The dramatic shot of the situation room was originally positioned as an “as-happening” shot. Instead, it was a tape from after the fact and when the outcome was know. Then it’s learned that when Obama gave his announcement on T.V. all the news crews were banned until he made the announcement. After his on-air reading, Obama re-enacted his entrance and the first 30 seconds of the speech for a photo-op.

Okay, the photo: It’s gonna get released, one way or another. Things like this don’t stay classified very long. But, again, the inability of the administration to get their story straight is embarrassing. Half the administration says the photo is going to get released, the other half says it isn’t. Who is in charge here, anyway? This inmates are running the asylum.

Heck, the week before shows Obama had little time for such silly matters as the OBL mission. It was a weak filled with Birth certificate releasings, Oprah appearances, White House correspondence dinners, campaign fundraising. Okay, Obama can multi-task. I know, he tells us all the time. But where is the focus? The week before the mission was the Presidents most frivolous week ever.

What’s next?

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  1. sharpster
    May 5, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Great poll analysis. I gave you a mention over at hedgehogreport.com – a poll frisking bunch – the other day. Jesen is a left wing hack employed by kos to drive a narrative.

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