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Wednesday Update: AZ, MO, SEAL Team 6 Inspired by Sarah Palin?

Arizona Poll in the Trash: PPP released a new AZ poll, which is impossible to analyze due to the unreliability of the sample size of Independents and the unrealistic outcome. We had the same problem with last weeks poll in North Carolina. In Arizona in 2008, Independents vote split between Obama and McCain evenly, essentially 50-50. And this was when Obama was “The One.” In 2010, McCain won almost twice the Independent vote (61-29) over his opponent, Glassman. The PPP poll has an unscientific sampling of just over 100 Independents and, since Independents make up 1/3 of the AZ electorate, the outcome of those 100+ will determine the poll “winner.” So, despite the reality that MO Independents lean conservative, split with Obama in 08 and destroyed Obama-lite in 2010, PPP has the following results in the group:

Independents give Obama +4% Approval (49-45%) despite Obama’s bleeding of Indie support. Meanwhile, not one Republican is seen more favorably than unfavorably by Independents, which would in all likelihood support Republicans, or at least tie a few of them (with a larger, more accurate sample). Romney comes closest at -1 Favorability, but Gingrich is at -50%, Palin -52%, Huckabee -30%, and Trump -47%. Again, not a very realistic scenario. In head-to-head matchups, Obama supposedly leads all of the Republican challengers by at least 2-1 margins, except for Romney where Obama leads by “just” 52-35%. So, there can be no analysis of this poll, since it is statistically unreliable based on Independent sampling. Also, don’t be shocked when PPP probably releases a “Senate Poll” later this week that shows a “closer than expected race in Arizona” as it will be using the same sample as above.

Missouri Senate: Statistical dead-heat is the word of the day, and Republicans look to be in a decent fighting position to take on ObamaClaire McCaskill in a state won by John McCain in 2008, and by Roy Blunt in 2010. This conservative-leaning state gives McC a -1 approval, and her vote for Obamacare (hence the nickname) is certain to be a barrier for re-election for a candidate who won as a “conservative Democrat” in 2006. She will not have the advantage of a lack of record this time around. Sarah Steelman is announced, raised just shy of 200K in the first quarter of 2011, is the only GOP candidate with a positive favorability at +4, and is down just 45-42 to McCaskill. The possible good news for Steelman, and all the other Republicans, is that between 50-70% of Missourians do not know who they are, and that could make a tight race less so. The other frontrunner, should he choose to abandon his House seat, is Rep. Todd Akin who, while also having low name I.D. has the advantage of a $1 Million war chest saved up in his congressional campaign account, which could be used for a Senate run.

Osama bin Laden: I tried, in my head, to give Obama some credit for the kill of OBL. But after three days, my mental generosity couldn’t match reality. Let’s be honest, does anyone think Obama had any hand in what went down? It’s more likely that he was told what was going to happen and made the only obvious choice to say yes. Two days ago, as commentators of the left persuasion talked about Obama’s “bravery,” I laughed at the notion that any other decision could have been yes, and that I could have given the go ahead while flipping through Golf Weekly in the bathroom. It was a no-brainer. Then after learning that Obama had to sleep on it for 16 hours? Why?

Well, we know that the SEAL team had several trial runs of the operation beforehand. Since Obama didn’t find out about the operation until Saturday, then we know the operation and methods were planned without his knowledge. It’s impossible to give credit to Obama for the key knowledge obtained that led to the center, since we know that info came from CIA interrogations that were banned when Obama took office. And finally, the operation itself had “Bush/Cheney” written all over it. What went down was not “The Obama Way.” Assassinations, breaking into a foreign country without their approval, no ally or UN approval, use of deadly force on an unarmed man who was never tried for a crime. You know, everything that Senator Obama would have called wrong in a Republican administration. So I’d like to say credit given, credit do, but it’s hard. When you toss in his over-zealous attempts to say how in-charge he was (because he knows no one would believe it) and the awkward strategy room photo, where he looked like someones kid brought in for “take your son to work day,” and nice golf shirt by the way. But hey, I tried.

Best Quotes I saw in Twitter about OBL:

“BREAKING: Osama Bin Laden’s killer motivated by Sarah Palin’s ‘cross-hairs’ map.”

“They should have captured Bin Laden alive and made him continually go through airport security for the rest of his life.”

“Today, SEAL Team 6 are heroes for double-tapping OBL, rightfully so. Yesterday, they were being prosecuted by the Obama administration for giving the top terrorist in Iraq a fat lip. Irony at it’s best”

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