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Go on for vacation for one week, and: Huckabee out (as expected), Trump out (as expected), Daniels out (not expected, but don’t know who really cared outside of the group of establishment R’s who were heavily pushing him for months, an seeing him gain no traction).

Also surprised that there weren’t any primary polling data done to reflect the new probable field. PPP polled Washington and Siena did National, but both were before announcements were made.I’m guessing there will be a good number of polls this week, so to start my return out right, I thought I’d answer a number of questions/comments that have come to my website or to my email. have a question Send it to pollinsider (@) gmail . com. Questions are in bold.

Q: While your analysis is interesting it misses two critical points. First what is Gov. Palin’s ceiling? Your assertion that she is at her floor is undoubtedly true. However your argument that she can raise her ceiling to 50+% is based on the notion that her negatives are not strongly held or are changeable based on new information. My anecdotal data shows that women who dislike Palin do so both strongly and are unwilling to accept new information from any source. This is a demographic that she would have to move substantially to win.

A: Since I do not like giving non-answers, I will give one: 57%. How do I get this number? Simply put, this was Sarah Palin’s favorability in 2008 AFTER giving her convention speech. That speech was her one unfiltered shining moment, and she was very well received. Certainly, that hard hitting speech was not filled with niceties aimed at Obama and is very similar to the way she goes after Obama today. As a candidate, she would have all of the commercials, the speeches, the unfilitered air time to make an impression as she did in 2008. Her problem today is that her appearances are seen most only by Palin supporters or, at best, by 1-3 million people who might happen to be watching an FNC interview. 120 million people vote and pay attention to nothing other than media soundbites which, undoubtedly, have not been kind to Palin. You can read and compare my earlier analysis here.

Q: Second is Governor Palin qualified to be President of the United States? Compared to the left, conservatives tend not to vote based on a cult of personality. We prefer to vote for someone we consider prepared for the job.  I like Sarah Palin. I think that she is smart, articulate, tough, and an important conservative voice in our country. However she is NOT qualified for this office. We have seen what happens when we place the most powerful political, economic, and military position in the world in unqualified hands. We can not do this again. Speaking well and developing a following do NOT qualify someone for the presidency. Comparisons to Reagan are not accurate. Reagan had successfully governed one of our largest states. He was educated in classical economics. He was experienced. Palin needs more experience before we put her in the most difficult job in the world. Experience which, at the moment, she seems disinterested in acquiring.

A: Much of being a successful President is good instincts and surrounding yourself with good people. I don’t think Obama’s problem is that he is inexperienced, I think his problem is that he doesn’t care about anything but himself and what he wants to accomplish. His instincts are horrible. When you have someone so irrational that they would say they would raise taxes even if it meant reduced tax receipts because of “a matter of fairness” you are not dealing with a logical person. As for experience, hers may not be as vast as Reagan’s was, but she has good instincts and seems to be well ahead of the curve on everything that is going on. And I think she did quite a bit in her 2 decades in Alaska that show a lot about her character. Do I think she would make the right decisions on the economy, the debt ceiling, spending, healthcare, energy? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Is she a foreign policy expert? Name a President who was. But at least she knows who our allies are.

Q: Any thoughts on the Cain surge?

A: I doubt that there is a surge. Cain is fun and interesting, and possibly able to steal a tiny bit of the thunder from Trump/Huckabee leaving, but only because he is the only  candidate out there right now really pounding Obama. He has gotten a lot of air time for it and seems to be the only one moving at any pace right now. Romney and Pawlenty are two of the quietest candidates I’ve seen in a while…

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  1. serfer62
    May 22, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Not announcing is working out very well…the wannabes are flaming out across the landscape. Cain is being tooted but his big handicap in govorment management shows in his not understanding right-of-return.

  2. May 22, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Experience is very critical, but as the Tea Party has declared, we need to return to Constitutional principles. The Tea Party and Sarah believe those principles are based on unchanging principles given to us by the Creator. This is where President Obama’s policies are the antithesis to these unchanging principles. Along with the rest of his progressive cronies, he believes the Constitution is a “living” document. This belief reveals his lack of belief in absolutes or unwillingness to stand for these principles. With Sarah we have a great foundation, one that has been tested.

    May 23, 2011 at 9:49 am

    did not read the piece yet but first WELCOME BACK we missed you

  4. RefudiateObama2012
    May 24, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    No one in the field has experience as a President. What is important to me is that we have someone with sound Conservative principles who has a track record of executive management. The qualities needed to be a good executive are the same whether it’s at a mayoral, gubernatorial, or private enterprise level. Palin is criticized because Wasilla is a small city and Alaska is a small state, population-wise. The principles of good management are the same regardless of size.

    For those who say Palin is inexperienced or that “she’s not ready”, I say balderdash. She’s got 8+ years as the chief executive of a government. She’s run businesses. She has a clear understanding of the link between energy development, national security, and economic prosperity. Romney served one term as Governor, but spent the last half of that running for President. Pawlenty served two terms, but spent the last two years running for President. Palin has consistently been on the forefront on all of the important issues. Palin is as qualified as any of the candidates, if not more qualified.

  1. May 25, 2011 at 3:35 am

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