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Palin Leads Texas Primary, even W/ Huckabee

TX-2012 Primary – New poll out by University of Texas/Texas Tribune. The poll was conducted between 5-11 and 5-18. Of course, Huckabee announced on the 14th, in the middle of polling, that he would not be running. Trump and Daniels were also included in the polling. Either way, Palin led a tight pack of GOP candidates with 12% of GOP support. Following closely were Gingrich at 11%, Huckabee at 10%, and Paul at 10%.

Palin: It’s is possible that Palin’s numbers took an uptick after Huckabee and Trump dropped out. I didn’t see a breakdown of pre- and post-announcement responses, but Huckabee’s 10% and Trumps 6% were probably exclusively on the front end of the poll. The drop out of these two candidates leaves 16% up for grabs, of which Palin would be the biggest benefactor. Also polled was Michelle Bachmann who notched another 7%. My money is that Bachmann does not run as it becomes clearer that Palin will. If Palin unexpectedly doesn’t run, then Bachmann will. That could easily put 24% of voters that are natural Palin supporters in her camp.

Gingrich: Newt still comes in at 2nd place at 11%, but his past is not going to help him among Huckabee’s evangelical base. Newt has been trying to play all sides of the fence and is positioning himself as the Bill Clinton of the GOP in more ways than one: Obvious political wonk with tons of knowledge on many issues; taking positions to try and appease both the right and left and offering one-foot-in, one-foot-out on issues ranging from health care, energy, and immigration; a complete horndog skirtchaser. So, he always has that going for him.

Romney: Mitt’s big obstacle is, not surprisingly, the south. He ties Bachmann for 5th at 7%, but has little upside from any of the 3 departures last week. Huckabee and Trump supporters are not natural allies, and the establishment-obsessed candidate Mitch Daniels barely registered with 1% of the vote, tying the new Daniels, Jon Huntsman, at the bottom.

Pawlenty: The establishment favored “conservative” Pawlenty nets 4%. Is any of his efforts paying off? Doesn’t seem so.

Whats obvious, is Texas is not big on establishment types. The 3 Establishment hopefuls Romney, Pawlenty, and Daniels/Huntsman combine for just 12% of the primary vote, which is what Palin gets by herself. In the poll, 24% of Texans say they would vote for a Tea Party candidate if such a party existed to just 17% for Republicans. Any wonder why the GOP establishment is running scared and trying to breakdown the movement? They are getting close to extinction…

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    May 24, 2011 at 8:23 am

    great inside as always …….
    my question to you is will this new book witch came out today damage palin ???

  1. May 25, 2011 at 4:39 pm

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