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Social Media Ranker – Rise in Support Matches Polling Data Rises

Don’t think that Facebook support can be a good indicator of political power? Note the top two candidates (Palin, Romney) are also the two leaders in recent GOP surveys. One month ago, Sarah Palin had 2.92 Million fans on FaceBook, which is undoubtedly the major new media tool in modern American politics. One month later, she has added 96,000 supporters and blasted past the 3 Million mark (and remains the only Republican candidate to break 7 digits).

Also note that Herman Cain’s rise in FB support (surpassing Pawlenty easily) also coincided with Cain surpassing Pawlenty in primary polls. And the two candidates with regular 1% support sit at the bottom of the jar in the FB support.

So, who is hot this month?

1) Sarah Palin – 3,016,358 Supporters (+96,000 vs 4/26): A busy week had the (obviously) coordinated announcement of a Palin Documentary that will be premiered in Iowa, followed a couple days later by the announcement of a Bus Tour that calls for the fundamental “Restoration” of America as a swift refudiation of Obama’s desire for “Transformation.” Oh, and Palin’s one month hike is greater tha T-Pony’s all-time haul (see below)…

2) Mitt Romney – 919K (+57K): After announcing an announcement of an exploratory committee (which is in itself an announcement of another pending announcement) Romney today announced that he will announce he will run for President in 2012 officially, on June 2nd. This nonsense alone gets Palin 3 thumbs up…. Romney could hit 1 Million by August at this rate…

3) Ron Paul – 372K (+41k): You’d think the internet guy would have a bigger online presence. Give it to them. Though small, they are loud and proud….

4) Newt Gingrich – 135K (+12k): The constant 3rd place finished is stagnant here, but he has a better Twitter following with 1.2 Million

5) Herman Cain – 121K (+65K): The second biggest support gainer, Cain almost doubled his support level after a solid month where he, by many accounts, “won” the first GOP primary debate and started getting some attention by the media. This is the second indicator that Cain’s entry is no fluke. Not only has he leapfrogged Pawlenty in support both here and in Gallup, FNC, Zogby, and PPP polls, but he is almost surpassing Newt in all the categories as well. Fundraising numbers for the coming quarter will be interesting.

6) Tim Pawlenty – 94K (+9k): Ouch, has less supporters in…. ever, than the Palin machine gets in a month. MSM still likes him though, and he is as snarky as ever! But desperation hits earlier as he decides to try out the “I’m tough too” act and comes out against ethanol subsidies in Iowa and for the Ryan plan in Florida…

7) Rick Santorum – 17K (+3k): Santorum has no traction so far and is prime candidate for “Most likely to drop out first.” I see him everywhere, he is somewhat known by the GOP base, is a frequent host of Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show, and still can’t crack 2%. I guess losing in a landslide as an incumbent doesn’t bode well for electoral chances. Plus, while I’m not one for identity politics, this is not the year of the boring white guy.

8) Jon Huntsman – 2,997 (+1K): Huntsman, the new Daniels, added an impressive 60% to his support total. Unfortunately, that still leads him with lower support than my Black Lab, Tuna (seriously).

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