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Ziegler Responds to PI: Over-reacts and Ignores Main Counter-Argument

Received this comment from John Ziegler regarding my piece: Palin, CNN, and John Ziegler (And Why he is Scientifically Wrong about Everything)

“This is John Ziegler. Could you please explain to me where you got the insane idea that I wrote the article you are responding to for money? I made it clear at the new website that I was not paid and since it would be great for my movie, there is probbaly not a person on the planet with a greater incentive to promote an Obama/Palin matchup than me. Do you even care about the facts?”

First, note that Ziegler doesn’t respond to anything relating to my main argument, only at some assertion that I claim he only wrote the article for money (possibly by being paid by The Daily Caller) when I clearly stated “I’m not sure what Ziegler’s beef is – Money, Publicity, Palin ignored him…” First, I never suggested that he was paid by The Daily Caller. Second, it’s kind of silly for Ziegler to suggest the move wasn’t intended to pick up at least some sales because, most obviously, the website of “thesarahpaliniknow.com” has links to purchase Media Malpractice by John Ziegler; The Path to 9/11 by John Ziegler; The Death of Free Speech by John Ziegler. If you are mainly just a truth teller, why post links for people to buy your stuff on a newly created website that you know is about to get a huge spike in hits? And according to Alexa.com, your website johnziegler.com went from insignificant to a decent boom (with thesarahpaliniknow.com). Plus, by keeping your toe half-in and half-out of the water, I could see why many people would be interested in Media Malpractice even today. I thought it was fantastic and I have quoted it several times on this website. (And I still think Media Malpractice is relevant today and worth a watch, plus how moronic are those Obamavoters?)

Second, just because you release a pre-emptive response to what you know you will be criticized for, it doesn’t mean that those criticisms are not true, or that even your pre-emptive responses are true. You claim you could have received tons of money for your turn on Sarah Palin. Who knows, maybe your book proposals were turned down? Maybe the media didn’t like that you only semi-turned on the Palins?  Maybe the publisher’s saw that the market was already flooded with non-selling “former Palin fill-in-the-blank tells all.” Maybe your book proposal was written in crayon? But, alas, your piece ends up on Daily Caller, an anti-Palin “conservative” site that also published tweets after the holder of those tweets was unable to get cash for them. Coincidence? I honestly don’t care, because my entire point of what I wrote is….

1) You are wrong about Sarah Palin’s electability – I provided stats and information

2) Tim Pawlenty will NEVER win or come close to winning the GOP nomination – I provided stats and information. If it’s not Palin, it WILL BE Romney. I guarantee it.

And not really my main point, but discussed: Rather than money, my main conclusion was you did this because YOU didn’t want Sarah Palin to run, YOU didn’t like who she was listening to, YOU didn’t like her going to Tea Party events, YOU wonder (again and again) why she just won’t listen to YOU, why won’t she trust YOU: A guy who expressly states that he doesn’t want her to run, nor expects that she can win the Presidency. My argument was that you are bitter because you think you are smarter than everyone else and Sarah wasn’t listening, despite all that “you” had done for her…   But then, you don’t even dispute my point that you wanted to be Palin’s handler, which was much more my argument than anything relating to you getting money. (This is easy to know because when I mentioned money, it’s in parenthesis like this meaning it’s just a side note). And rather than be one and done and get it all out in one piece? Nope, you promise “more to come.” If that doesn’t make this personal and vindictive, I’m not sure what does.

Personally, I’m much more interested in the arguments about a) Palin’s electability and b) your fascination with Tim Pawlenty’s awesomeness than what your personal motivation is. Yet rather than tackle those arguments (which is supposedly the main argument your are making) you obsess over a throw away line that you might be looking to sell some book and videos? At this point, Palin has dealt with a lot worse than just another guy with a vendetta.

And seriously, Tim Pawlenty????

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