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Who Democrats Want to Face, And Why

So, polling has been a little slow and boring lately. Despite a big push for both Bachmann and Perry, Palin still popped up second to Romney in a new YouGov/Economist poll that featured all three. Romney placed first with 21% while Palin (13%), Bachmann (12%), and Perry (10%) were bunched together. Bachmann has essentially assumed the polling points of falling dud Newt Gingrich (5%) and the slipping Herman Cain (7%) who both used to be in the 10-15% range. These are actually just so-so numbers for Bachmann who has had praised heaped upon her by very unlikely types in the media for the past two weeks, both establishment Republican and Democrat types. Also, that she is polling behind one unannounced candidate and barely ahead of another shows that she needs to take it to even another level, even if her current one is heavily media-created.

But today, after thinking a lot about it, I am going to put out who the Democrats really want to face and why. In order of who they most would like to face. My goal is not to be harsh, but to be honest. So let’s have at it.We start with who they most want to face and work our way down.

1) Tim Pawlenty – Wow, is there any guy less inspiring, more dull, or more fragile looking? While I try to like Pawlenty, like most of the candidates, it’s just hard to do. His answers to everything¬† are more canned like sardines and he is terrified of confrontation. Obama is a vicious tiger with an army of vicious tigers surrounding him. Pawlenty comes off as a toothless hamster. His debate performances have been uninspiring and, sorry to say, he just looks uninspiring. This is the guy I would want to be the nominee if I were a democrat.

2) New Gingrich – Is it possible for a candidate to win the presidency when he is universally despised by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents? He has an approval rating around 2% and there is little hope in moving that. Sure he can debate, but there is no candidate more poisonous than Gingrich.

3) Jon Huntsman – Hey, it’s like Charlie Crist on a national Stage. That is inspiring. The “No-Labels” candidates remains the “No-Support” candidates nearly 2 months after being heavily and endlessly pushed by establishment Republicans. Huntsman is someone who is probably too much of a RINO for even New Hampshire Republicans (though I have some tell me that he will catch fire any minute now). I seriously doubt he has any shot for the nomination, but the Democrats would just love a guy who fits the McCain/Crist/Dole mold better than McCain/Crist/Dole.

4) Michele Bachmann – Oh, what to say about Michele. In many ways, Bachmann is what the media says Palin is: loose-cannon; vicious over-self-promoter; relatively inexperienced. Beyond that, the “new Palin” has more problems though. She is completely unvetted and there is no telling what stuff is out there on her. Stuff like the subsidy/farm/income mess has not looked good on her as she tries to explain away this issue so many different ways. Also, while Palin and Romney are the only two candidates in the previous poll to score at least 10% with both Tea-Party and non Tea-Party types, Bachmann’s non-Tea Party support is nearly a third of her Tea Party support. Palin gets almost double the support of non-Tea Party Republicans that Bachmann does, showing Bachmann’s broad appeal is less so.She is probably the closest thing to a Goldwater scenario that there is.

5) Cain/Paul/Santorum – None really have much of a shot at winning the nomination. I’d say that they all have something going for them. Cain is energetic and passionate. Paul is entertaining and, though odd, right about a lot, and Santorum is… okay, most of them have something going for them. I’d think any of the three would be minimally challenging but could make something happen.

6) Giuliani – So, there’s that whole abortion and social issues thing. I will admit, that is not the way to win the hearts of the Republican base. But that said, Giuliani is still the most favorably viewed Republican nationwide, he is passionately anti-liberal (even if he holds a few liberal positions), and he is a fighter. Giuliani is one of the few socially-moderate/fiscally conservative Republicans who doesn’t play nice with the left or pretend to like them. And while I don’t agree with him on some issues, at least he doesn’t lie and says he does agree with me to win my vote. Perhaps honesty is a virtue?

7) Mitt Romney – There is no doubt Romney would be a considerable foe. He could raise the cash. He has the name recognition. He’s polished enough for debates. He looks like the guy you would hire to play a TV President. He doesn’t make verbal gaffe’s or mistakes. His biggest problem would be ground game and he would be wholly dependent on the Tea Party types being willing to provide it. But Romney has distanced himself from that segment as much as he can, and I’m not sure that is a good general election strategy. Besides his obvious downfalls (Romneycare, and he would always be on the defensive) Romney is still very exact in his ways. Moderates and faux-conservatives typically don’t win, but Obama may be bad enough to change that.

8) Rick Perry – Well, he’s from Texas. He looks like Josh Brolin’s impersonation of George W. Bush in the movie W. But he has been Governor of one of the largest states for decades. He is the kind of bread-and-butter Republicans that Republicans like and Independents can be swayed by. And I haven’t seen the media portray him as a dumbass… yet. Can probably raise some serious cash and he has a good friend in….

9) Sarah Palin – Oh, I know, her unfavorables are sky high! She can’t win! She’s too controversial! One of the miraculous things about Sarah Palin is that every time I ask a person who says they don’t like Palin why they don’t like Palin, they cannot give an answer. Honestly, I’ve looked for reasons to see why she would legitimately be upside down in favor-ability and, well, there is nothing there. The most typical response I get is “I can see Russia from my house” snarked back to me in a silly voice. These people are too stupid to be voting anyway. But, Palin lands as the number 1 person Democrats do not want to face, even though they say they do. She can raise money. She hates the establishment elite (just like most of America!). She would have an enormous built-in ground game. She doesn’t play by the rules. She is incredible at doing thing such as showing strong support for union members while bashing their union thug bosses (this has gone unnoticed but is impressive). She is the most conservative of all the candidates. And she has been preparing for this for three years. At some point people have to come up with a real reason not to like her (other than media mis-representations) for her to become the super-beatable candidate that the MSM keeps saying she is.

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  1. VA Independent
    June 28, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    I agree. Praying for Palin to run. She is my pick by far. She is the one I voted for in 2008, hoping to do so in 2012.

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